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 About Akmia

AKIMIA is a revolutionary brand that specializes in microcurrent printed facial masks. Established in 2019, AKIMIA is part of xTrans Creative Inc., a subsidiary of the renowned Cymmetrik Group. Founded in 2018, xTrans Creative Inc specializes in innovative research and development of battery-free microcurrent masks, setting new standards in the beauty industry. 

AKIMIA's name is derived from the ancient Arabic word "al-kimiya," which translates to modern English as "alchemy." This name symbolizes the brand's commitment to transformation and enhancement, akin to the ancient art of alchemy.

At heart of its research and development and a co-founder of xTrans Creative Inc, Dr. Pei-Chi Lee, holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from National Taiwan University and conducted postdoctoral research at Yang-Ming University's Institute of Biomedical Engineering. With almost a decade of experience in biomedical engineering, Dr. Lee has focused on developing functional nanomedical materials for cancer treatment and designing dedicated percutaneous transmission systems using electrical stimulation to address various clinical challenges.


Drawing from this expertise, Dr. Lee applied the technology to beauty and skincare facial masks, bringing about a groundbreaking paradigm shift in the industry. AKIMIA's microcurrent masks deliver remarkable results, revolutionizing the perception of performance-driven facial masks.

AKIMIA offers a unique and effective approach to skincare, providing customers with a transformative and innovative skincare experience.


Explore the next frontier in facial masks with AKIMIA.

About Cymmetrik Group

An industry leader in label printing for over 50 years and with an impressive annual label output of over 12 billion sheets and a revenue of ~$320 million USD, Cymmetrik Group serves prominent clients from various industries, including tech giants like Apple, Acer, and ASUS, as well as traditional powerhouses like Unilever and Johnson & Johnson. Founded in 1969 and with over 5,000 employees worldwide their expertise in label and film products has solidified their position as a prominent player in the Taiwanese label industry.

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