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Can I use microcurrent masks on sensitive skin?

Our face masks has been thoroughly tested for sensitivity by SGS. It is safe to use on sensitive skin. However, we understand that individual skin conditions may differ. As a precautionary measure, we recommend conducting a patch test on a small area, such as the neck or inner arm, before applying the mask to the entire face.

Can I use your products after a cosmetic procedure?

We recommend using only products for hydration and only if there are no open wounds.

I tore off the tabs on either side! What do I do now?

Not to worry! In the event that the tabs are torn off follow these steps.


  1. Tear open the bottom half (the dry mask sheet area).

  2. Insert your fingers into the aluminum bag and gently open up the middle section where the two-halves connect.

  3. Push the dry mask sheet towards the essence section and you're good to go!

What are the differences between microcurrent and regular face masks?

Approximately 80% of ingredients in face masks is water. Your skin's outermost layer, the stratum corneum, is fairly hydrophobic, making it challenging for regular face masks to effectively deliver active ingredients. Microcurrent face masks utilize an active penetration mechanism to drive the essence deeper into the skin, reaching depths that regular face masks cannot. This process enables active ingredients to exert their full efficacy, rather than merely remaining on the surface of the skin.

Will I get shocked by the microcurrents?

Not at all. The microcurrent face mask generates a minute and safe cosmetic current that gently opens up channels in the skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the dermis. Moreover, the microcurrent fabric has passed sensitive skin tests by SGS, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience!

Can I use a microcurrent face mask every day?

Yes, you can. However, since a microcurrent face mask enhances the absorption of serums and active ingredients, its effects are stronger than a regular face mask. It is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week based on your individual skin condition to achieve excellent results!

How long should I apply a microcurrent face mask?

It is generally recommended to apply it for 15 to 20 minutes, and try to avoid leaving the mask on until it dries out.

After using the face mask, should I apply moisturizer directly or do I need to rinse it off first?

It depends on personal preference. AKIMIA's products are designed to be left on the skin after use and do not require rinsing. Some active ingredients may work on the skin's surface, so if you feel comfortable, it is recommended not to rinse off the product.

In a daily skincare routine, when should I apply the face mask?

Before using our microcurrent face mask, it's recommended to apply water-based oner or targeted serums to enhance absorption After using the mask, follow up with a moisturizer to seal in active ingredients.

Does the microcurrent face mask have a front and back side?

Yes, the microcurrent face mask has a front and back side! After moistening the mask, you will notice a layer of mesh that helps identify the correct side to apply. When using the mask, make sure the mesh is facing outward and apply it to your face. Once the mask is in place, you can remove the mesh to ensure it is correctly applied. Additionally, there is a triangular mark on the mask located at the temple area to help with proper orientation. When applying the mask, ensure that the triangular mark is on the right side for the correct positioning.

When applying the face mask, can I cut off the excess mask sheet and use it on other areas (e.g., the sides of the nose)? Will cutting the sheet disconnect the microcurrent?

Great question! You can feel free to cut the mask sheet according to your preferences and apply it to the areas you wish to target. And don't worry, cutting the sheet will not disconnect the microcurrent!

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